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A good artisanal Panettone to celebrate Christmas !

Categories : Eating, Lifestyle, published on : 12/16/22

As you know, Paris is a melting pot of cultures. In the City of Light, you can travel all over the world just by strolling through the different neighborhoods. 
And why not take advantage of this richness to taste the Christmas specialties?
We suggest you to surprise your guests or to offer an unusual gift to try artisanal Panettones from Pastificio Passerini, located in the 12ᵉ arrondissement, near Place de la Bastille. 
Panettone is the star of Christmas in Italy. This cake, native to the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy, has a very long history that probably dates back to the Middle Ages. 
It is a brioche filled with raisins and candied fruits, but nowadays, it exists in several variants… There is something for everyone! 
And yes, for all those who don't like candied fruits, the Pandoro is the alternative! A brioche to be sprinkled with a fine powdered sugar that reminds of snow! The favorite cake of all children! 
At Passerini Grocery, you will find everything you need to organize an Italian Christmas party. In addition to cakes, you can find a wide selection of antipasti, ravioli, lasagna, fresh pasta and quality Italian cold cuts
In the same street, the owner of the grocery store, Giovanni Passerini, has also opened a dining cellar and a restaurant! Don't hesitate to take a look and reserve a place to travel to Italy for an evening! 

Pastificio Passerini. 65, rue Traversière 75012 Paris. Open Tuesday from 3:30 pm to 7 pm, Wednesday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 7 pm. 

Photo ©Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian - Unsplash