Hotel Fabric

A hidden bar for when you tire of terraces

Categories : Eating, Drinking, published on : 5/25/17

What a wonderful concept; a Prohibition-era American style speakeasy bar, hidden away so that only those in the know can find it. Have a drink in secret, away from the prying eyes of the authorities, at an address revealed only to insiders. Who could resist? We know the secret and we’re prepared to let you in on it. Just make your way through the traditional Pizzeria Da Vito and check out the steady stream of people who come and go via the metal door of the walk-in fridge! Chills are guaranteed, but without the inconvenience of police or arrests, as you are ushered through into the back room, a place hushed and soft, with vintage leather sofas, dim lighting and retro jazz or blues spilling out of the phonograph. Whiskies and vintage cocktails abound and you can have a try at getting into the safe, if you like. Find the right combination and you win whatever you find in there. Enjoy a charmingly retro-styled evening until Eliot Ness and his Untouchables break down the door, throw you in the back of the car and return to your room in the Hotel Fabric. JR.

Moonshiner / Pizzeria Da Vito 5, rue Sedaine,11th  Tel. 09 50 73 12 99
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