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Admise, a not to be missed boutique in the 11th district

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 3/31/24

Once again, the vibrant 11th arrondissement of Paris, specifically on Rue de la Folie-Méricourt where Hôtel Fabric is nestled, offers an essential destination for fashion and elegance enthusiasts: Boutique Admise.

In the Admise Paris boutique, you are welcomed by a feeling of warmth and kindness, providing a tailor-made experience for every visitor. Led by Zoé Leboucher, a seasoned stylist and daring entrepreneur, Admise Paris is committed to redefining women's fashion in the professional world.

Inspired by timeless elegance, Zoé uses her expertise to create a unique corporate wardrobe that combines modernity and sophistication. Each piece is carefully designed to harmonize with others, offering versatility without compromising elegance.

Meeting Zoé means entering the passionate universe of a visionary who has turned her dream into reality: creating a brand that transcends fleeting trends to offer women attire that matches their ambitions.

The corporate wardrobe at Admise Paris is more than just a simple ready-to-wear collection. It embodies the perfect fusion of grace, confidence, and boldness. Each piece reflects timeless elegance and sophistication, designed to accompany the modern woman in all aspects of her professional and personal life.

At Admise, ethics and transparency are at the heart of their approach. Similar to Hotel Fabric, sustainability is a priority at Admise. They are committed to creating timeless pieces that withstand the test of time, prioritizing quality and longevity. It's responsible manufacturing, combined with their commitment to French design, ensures ethical and elegant fashion.

Boutique Admise is a true tribute to French elegance, infused with the sophisticated atmosphere and cultural vibrancy of the 11th arrondissement. For an authentic experience in Paris, where style and sophistication converge in a modern and elegant setting, be sure to visit Boutique Admise during your stay at Hôtel Fabric.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 7 pm. Just a 1-minute walk from Hôtel Fabric.

Photo ©Artem Beliaikin - Unsplash

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