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At Merci; gift ideas by the thousand

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 11/30/17

Christmas at Merci will be crazy. But it will also be wise, baroque and offbeat, sober and kitsch. In fact, Merci is all things to all people, and that is its appeal. This essential Parisian concept-store is constantly being enriched by new ideas, making it the ideal place for a Yuletide gift-buying spree that is off the beaten track. The Christmas ornaments, lights and candles add a festive touch, such as the Fleur de Givre (Frost Flower) created by the designers Tsé & Tsé, which illustrates the poetry of light with its five rings composed of LED petals that can be mounted on the wall using glass-headed pins. The Galerie des Matières offers unique pieces such as hand-painted ceramic bowls from Thailand, Vanessa Mitriani's blown glass vases, and basketry by Nelson Sepulveda. Set your Christmas table with glasses and vases crafted by Syrian glassmakers, resolutely contemporary but unchanged since the 1920s.

111, Boulevard Beaumarchais, 11th
Less than a 10-minute walk from the Hotel Fabric

Open every day from 10:00 to 19:30
Tel. 01 42 77 00 33

Photo: Merci Paris