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Balad at the Viaduc des Arts

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 1/25/20

Ideally located between the Gare de Lyon and the Bastille district, the Viaduc des Arts is one of Paris' top art venues.
This set of 64 vaults welcomes young artists and French cafés, restaurants, small shops and artisans.
This ballad is a way to take a breath of fresh air while going to the discovery of professions sometimes very old and still unknown today.
In addition, the Promenade Plantée or also nicknamed La Coulée Verte, one and a half kilometres long, located above the viaduct, is a beautiful Parisian ballad not known by all and an activity to be done in the capital without further delay!

2O walk from Hotel Fabric
Photo credit : @viaducdesartsofficiel