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Bercy Village presents the immersive museum Sciences Découvertes

Categories : Exhibition, Lifestyle, published on : 7/25/23

Have you booked your stay in Paris and are you looking for a unique activity to do with your family or friends? We have an idea to propose to you! Bercy Village now houses a new immersive museum dedicated to science!

You will have the opportunity to experience something unusual and educational in the heart of Paris! In a large space of approximately 850m2, combining a museum and amusement park, you can encourage your children to take an interest in science and make surprising discoveries!

The museum features different sections dedicated to various universes. At the entrance, the briefing room presents a hologram of Albert Einstein, who takes care of introducing the activities offered in the journey – he is certainly the most competent of presenters!

The journey continues amidst constellations. You can explore the universe in the Space Room. A virtual reality film or a projection in a room will immerse you in an innovative planetarium that will amaze both young and old.

Once the stellar journey is over, the Abyss Room invites you to the depths of the oceans. You will discover the fascinating world of the abyss through a multisensory installation that will immerse you in the sound and visual ambiance of the ocean. Unknown anecdotes will also surprise you!

Before returning to the surface, head to the core of our planet to experience a volcanic eruption! The Volcano Room, thanks to immersive video mapping, will take you on a journey into the Earth's depths!

Following these travels through the vastness of nature, the Human Body Room invites us to explore the intricacies of our bodies. You can discover the secrets of our muscles, the nervous system, and more! You will also have the opportunity to compare your height to that of Robert Wadlow, the tallest man of all time, a true giant measuring 2.72 m!

The Nature Room showcases plants and their extraordinary power. By spinning a wheel of fortune, you will discover new and exceptional flowers and plants!

The two rooms that conclude the journey are the Electrostatics Room, which will leave you with your hair standing on end thanks to the 400,000 volts from a Van De Graaf generator, and the Quantum Room where you can explore the fascinating world of quantum physics.

Bercy Village continues to surprise us with its atypical and innovative experiences. Do not hesitate to book your ticket on the official Science Expériences website and have an unforgettable day exploring our planet!

In addition to offering a captivating journey, the immersive museum at Bercy Village also provides interactive activities for visitors of all ages. Fascinating scientific demonstrations are organized throughout the day, allowing visitors to experiment with scientific principles themselves and gain a better understanding of the world around them.

Moreover, the museum features a café and a shop where you can relax after your scientific exploration. The shop offers a selection of educational toys, books, and science-related souvenirs, allowing you to extend the experience at home.

The immersive museum at Bercy Village is a must-visit for all science enthusiasts and curious minds. With its unique blend of entertainment and learning, it offers a one-of-a-kind experience in Paris. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the wonders of science in a captivating and playful way!

Photo ©Moritz Kindler - Unsplash