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"Delacroix and the color" at the Delacroix museum

Categories : Exhibition, published on : 8/10/22

“My palette, freshly arranged and shining with the contrast of colors, is enough to ignite my enthusiasm.”
These are the words Eugène Delacroix wrote in his diary to describe his passion for color. The painter, world-renowned for his mastery of color, created works throughout his career that were inspired by his travels and his contemporaries. 
You will be able to admire the bright and shimmering colors of the Orient, but also the sublimation of black and white through engraving. 
Delacroix is considered a leading artist of Romanticism in France and this exhibition, entitled “Delacroix and Color”, honors the complexity and richness of his creative process.
During this period, the museum devotes a room to the creations of the students of the Beaux-Arts of Paris who have free rein to recreate the artist's room according to their own vision.

Exhibition until December 31, 2022. Open every day except Tuesday, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. 

Photo ©WikiImages - Pixabay