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Frappe, the Urban Bakery in the 11th district of Paris !

Categories : Eating, Lifestyle, published on : 2/29/24

The 11th arrondissement of Paris continues to surprise with true gems, and this time, it's with the discovery of Frappe, a new bakery near Bastille. Conceived as an Urban Bakery by its owners, it offers a modern and innovative experience for all food lovers.

Frappe is the result of the passion and dedication of Solenn Le Squer and Thomas Padovan, a dynamic couple whose professional backgrounds testify to their expertise in the field of catering. Solenn benefits from the influence of her father, the renowned 3-star chef Christian Le Squer, from the restaurant Cinq at the George V. On the other hand, Thomas Padovan has gained solid experience in pastry after more than 15 years in prestigious establishments such as Ducasse restaurants in Paris and New York, Angelina, and Kayser.

The selection of delights offered by Frappe is as varied as it is delicious. Breads, made from organic and locally sourced flours supplied by the Moulins Bourgeois in the 77, offer unparalleled quality. Fans of pastries can enjoy timeless classics as well as a signature creation, the Frappe Roll, a croissant dough roll filled with various flavored creams.

In terms of pastries, customers will be delighted by an enticing range of classics such as lemon tart, Paris-Brest, and more. Moreover, for those who wish to recreate these delights at home, Boulangerie Frappe offers vacuum-packed dough for making your pastries, tarts, quiches, and other savory dishes, making artisan gastronomy accessible to all.

Frappe is much more than just a bakery; it is a true meeting place where passion for artisanal cuisine and quality products come together to offer an exceptional culinary experience. Whether for a gourmet breakfast, a tasty lunch break, or a sweet treat to take away, Frappe promises to delight taste buds and satisfy even the most discerning gourmets.

Boulangerie Frappe is a must-visit for all food lovers in Paris. With its warm atmosphere, superior quality products, and passionate team, it embodies the spirit of culinary craftsmanship at its best and undoubtedly deserves a visit for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Bonus: This beloved bakery is located just a few steps from the hotel FABRIC!

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Sunday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. A 13-minute walk from the hotel FABRIC.

Photo ©Siebe Warmoeskerken - Unsplash