Hotel Fabric

"Fugues in Color" at the Fondation Louis Vuitton

Categories : Exhibition, published on : 6/24/22

The exhibition "Fugues in Color" completely liberates the paint to let it come out of the canvas to invade the space. The walls, the floor and the ceiling become the artists' new canvases. The colours literally run away and give life to a unique exhibition with references to American underground culture. 
Sam Gilliam, Katharina Grosse, Steven Parrino, Megan Rooney, Niele Toroni are the five artists of this original exhibition. From different backgrounds and generations, they share the same artistic passion and the same creative ideas. Sheets and distorted canvases are two examples of surfaces that these artists use to apply their colours. 
It is an exhibition that destroys the boundary between the painter and the creation. You will have the opportunity to experience this feeling of rupture and creative vigour first hand. 

Photo ©Mikaïl Déli - Unsplash