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La Trésorerie, a Retro-Chic concept store

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 1/8/24

Nestled in the vibrant République district of Paris, just a stone's throw away from Hotel FABRIC and Place de la République, discover a one-of-a-kind concept store – La Trésorerie. This hidden gem seamlessly blends tradition and ecological commitment to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience.

La Trésorerie: A Retro-Chic Concept Store

Taking inspiration from the bazaars of yesteryears, La Trésorerie occupies a space rich in history, formerly a tax center. Since its opening in April, this luminous boutique offers an array of home goods, from kitchen utensils to lighting, tableware, and linens. Aptly named for its original location, this concept store is a treasure trove meticulously curated to ensure quality, aesthetics, and, most importantly, environmental responsibility.

La Trésorerie's Ecological Commitment

More than just a decor boutique, La Trésorerie embodies a responsible approach by championing production methods that respect the planet and traditional economies. Each item boasts exemplary traceability, adhering to strict supplier charters.

  • 90% of suppliers based in Europe: Geographical proximity supports local and equitable craftsmanship, reducing carbon footprint.

  • Renewable or recyclable materials: Wood, linen, glass, steel, and terracotta take precedence, steering clear of plastic and synthetic fabrics.

La Suite: A Second Boutique for Interior Decoration

Building on the success of La Trésorerie, the store recently expanded with the opening of La Suite, just across the street. Specializing in decoration, La Suite offers an exquisite selection of furniture, lighting, and designer objects – a space dedicated to contemporary elegance that will captivate enthusiasts of refined decor.

La Trésorerie's Manifesto: Transparency, Craftsmanship, and Artisanship

La Trésorerie stands out with its manifesto, proudly stating that only 10% of items come from outside of Europe, emphasizing the fairness in their production and marketing. Transparency, craftsmanship, and artisanship are the cornerstones of this refined modern-day emporium.

Whether you're in search of a Nkuku-signed mango wood cutting board, a matte glazed stoneware gratin dish from Portugal, or a handmade "shoemaker" stool from Denmark, La Trésorerie offers Scandinavian-inspired products with a positive ecological footprint. Designers from various regions of Europe contribute to a carefully curated collection showcasing diverse styles.

During your stay at Hotel FABRIC, immerse yourself in the unique world of La Trésorerie and discover treasures for your home that blend elegance, quality, and environmental responsibility. Treat yourself to the luxury of an ethical shopping experience, embodying the informed and stylish individual you are at La Trésorerie – the go-to destination for responsible design enthusiasts.

Open every day from 11 am to 7 pm. A leisurely 18-minute walk from Hotel FABRIC.

Photo ©Jason Briscoe - Unsplash