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Le Labo, bespoke fragrances

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 6/30/17

Behind the glass frontage of this small and typically Parisian building in the High Marais, you’ll find a boutique with a retro shop / laboratory vibe, lined with narrow shelves on which sit countless bottles. Bergamot, rose, vetiver, neroli, iris, jasmine, oud and sandalwood comprise the olfactory landscape of this perfumery-apothecary where you can have a totally original bespoke fragrance created. Bottled by hand and on demand, each perfume is built around an initial ingredient to which are added various notes. The name of the fragrance tells you something about the composition, since the number of ingredients present is stated on the label, which can also be personalised with your name. Absolute chic! JR.


Le Labo, 7 Rue Froissart, Paris 3rd

Tel. 01 44 61 55 32 and


Photo: Le Labo