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Little Vintage, a gift in retro

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 12/1/14

For who? For aficionados of vintage; those who cannot resist the bright colours and surprising alternative-modern retro toys that are the province of yesteryear, and who love finding creations that are no longer being made. For fans of nostalgia; a blast from the past.


What’s In Santa’s Sack? Games and toys, lamps and small furniture for children that transcends time; hopping from the early nineteenth to the twentieth century, with many discoveries straight from trunks left forgotten in the attic. All courtesy of the passionate interests of Catherine Lambert, Elena Van Ginderdeuren and Alessia Guidoboni.


Where and when? Little Vintage, the Futuro House in the heart of the Dauphine Market, Flea Paris / Saint-Ouen, 132-140 rue des Rosiers in Saint Ouen.
Metro line 4, Clignacourt station or Metro line 13 Garbaldi station, 30 minutes from the Hotel Fabric.
Temporary shop open until January 11th 2015, open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 9:30 am to 18:00 pm.

Picture Little Vintage - Marcgé Dauphine