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Loading, the Urban Art exhibition at the Grand Palais Immersif

Categories : Exhibition, published on : 1/19/24

Urban art enthusiasts, we have the perfect exhibition for you! The Grand Palais Immersif in Paris invites you to immerse yourself in the world of urban art through the exhibition "Loading: Urban Art in the Digital Age".

At Hotel FABRIC, we adore this artistic style that surrounds us daily, thanks to the numerous street art pieces that adorn our 11th arrondissement.

This unique exhibition explores the history of urban art and highlights the impact of digital production and dissemination technologies on the work of artists in this dynamic field.

In the 20th century, city walls became canvases for street art, transforming public spaces into privileged grounds for expression, creation, exhibition, and subversion outside official channels. However, with the advent of the Internet and social networks, street art underwent a revolutionary transformation, redefining artists' relationships with the urban environment.

The exhibition unfolds within the monumental spaces of the Grand Palais Immersif, acting as both a canvas and a screen for these urban artistic creations, presented in a 360° immersive experience.

From New York City subways to paintings created or filmed using drones, monumental murals from the 2000s, and the latest developments in vandal graffiti, including spectacular actions and disruptions, visitors will discover urban art in all its facets through unprecedented digital experiences.

For art and urban history enthusiasts, this exhibition offers a captivating and immersive journey into the evolution of urban art, from its beginnings on the iconic New York subway to the recent proliferation of NFTs.

The exhibition not only showcases the physical manifestations of urban art but also explores its presence in the digital realm and on social media platforms. Visitors are invited to travel around the globe through the Grand Palais Immersif's latest technological innovations to admire impressive artworks created in recent years. Moreover, this immersive experience prompts reflection on the evolution of this art form from physical walls to digital screens.

The journey begins with a powerful introduction in the first grand hall, where spectacular images form an original video-immersive experience animated by artists in action, such as Vhils, Saype, and Rache, on a 25-meter-high mural. Traveling from Paris to Brazil, Montréal, Egypt, and Norway, visitors discover a new form of engaged urban art dialoguing with the environment.

Continuing the exploration, the tunnel introduces the (in)visible figures, including Joseph Kyselak (1798-1831), considered one of the first taggers, along with the South Korean artist Jazoo Yang, born in 1979, and the Mexican artist Said Dokins, born in 1983. The exhibition then delves into graffiti in the digital realm, interpreting graffiti as a new form of calligraphy. An interactive experience allows visitors to input their messages and choose the graffiti style, which is then magnified on the wall.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness the convergence of urban art and the digital age at the Grand Palais Immersif. Explore the evolution of street art, engage with interactive installations, and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of "Loading."

And of course, don't forget to share your experience with us! The entire team at Hotel FABRIC wishes you an excellent stay in Paris!

Until July 21, 2024. Open every day except Tuesday, from 10 am to 7 pm. Wednesday late-night opening until 9 pm.

Photo ©Bp Miller - Unsplash