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Maison Plisson : the high-end grocery store of the Marais

Categories : Eating, Lifestyle, published on : 12/18/23

Nestled in the vibrant Marais district, on Boulevard Beaumarchais, Maison Plisson stands as a culinary haven that has enchanted gourmands since its opening in 2015. Founded by the daring Delphine Plisson, this general store and its adjoining restaurant captivate not only with their elegance but also with the exceptional quality of their products.

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Inspired by the American model of Dean & Deluca, Delphine Plisson has created a unique culinary concept in France. Maison Plisson includes a market-like grocery store, featuring stalls of fruits and vegetables, a butcher shop, a dairy and cheese section, a fish market, and a wine cellar. Simultaneously, a café-restaurant offers artisanal dishes inspired by wholesome and delicious family recipes.

Whether in the vibrant grocery store or the café-restaurant, Maison Plisson highlights meticulously selected products. From the stalls of fruits and vegetables to the shelves brimming with local products, each item has been carefully chosen by Delphine Plisson, who traversed France and Europe in search of the best producers and farmers.

In the restaurant, gustatory pleasures unfold through dishes such as celery rémoulade, beef and carrot stew, roasted farm duck, and many more. Desserts, like chocolate mousse, rice pudding with caramelized dried fruits, or strawberry tart, continue the pursuit of gastronomic excellence.

Delphine Plisson epitomizes the spirit of Maison Plisson. A former figure in the world of fashion, she courageously transitioned into the culinary adventure. Her influence and the support of renowned figures like Bruno Doucet and Yves Camdeborde have attracted top-notch producers to her establishment. Maison Plisson is also the story of a determined entrepreneur who successfully created a landmark in Paris.

Open every day, Maison Plisson occupies the ground floor and basement of an elegant building near Place de la Bastille. It has become the go-to place for gourmet chefs seeking seasonal products and exceptional producers. A boon for the locals who find here an answer to their daily gastronomic needs.

Despite the crowds, the warm welcome and efficient service at Maison Plisson make you forget the wait. The opportunity to savor quality dishes ranging from 20 to 45 euros, every day of the week, provides a complete and accessible culinary experience. To top it off, a spacious terrace welcomes guests on sunny days, offering an ideal setting to indulge in these delights.

In conclusion, Maison Plisson asserts itself as a must-visit in Le Marais, providing a unique gastronomic experience in an elegant and friendly setting. A place where culinary enthusiasts, locals, and passing visitors come together to celebrate the richness of flavors and the expertise of exceptional producers.

Open every day from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm. Just a 10-minute walk from Hotel FABRIC.

Photo ©Todd Quackenbush - Unsplash