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Marcel by, design by definition

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 9/7/17

Bringing together the creations of contemporary artists, designers, craftspeople and artisans using the innovations of today and tomorrow; this is the philosophy of Marcel By. High end contemporary design furniture and objects and innovative and functional items; this is a vision of design that showcases the expertise and heritage of contributors from across France and elsewhere in Europe. Some of the items have already achieved cult status. Russian candles designed by Stephan Lanez, mirrors made of sheets of polished stainless steel designed by Samuel Accoceberry, the "Bamby" chair designed by Noé Duchaufour - Lawrance. This is already one of the hottest and most successful new design centres around. JR.

Marcel By, 18 rue Saint Claude Paris, 3rd arrondissement
A 10 minute walk from the Hotel Fabric (Métro Saint Sébastien Froissart)
Tel. 01 71 19 73 60

Picture : Marcel by / Théo Baulig