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Michèle Wilson Puzzles: A Unique French-Made Gift!

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 6/20/24

The Michèle Wilson puzzle boutique, located just a few steps from the FABRIC Hotel, is the perfect place to treat yourself or your loved ones to an original, French-made gift!

A Story of Craftsmanship and Passion

Founded in 1975 in a small village in Burgundy by Michèle Wilson, this company has skillfully combined tradition and creativity to offer unique puzzles. From the very beginning, Michèle Wilson has been creating original puzzles in a workshop where each piece is meticulously hand-cut.

The Art of Hand-Cutting

What makes Michèle Wilson puzzles so special is the artisanal expertise of their creators. Each puzzle is hand-cut with a scroll saw, allowing for the creation of uniquely shaped pieces. The artisans are inspired by the lines and colors of the puzzle image to choose the cut, highlighting every detail. Imagine a sky cut into cloud shapes, as if you were playing along with the cutter!

Puzzles for All Ages

Michèle Wilson puzzles are perfect for both adults and children.

Adults will enjoy the challenge of these puzzles, which are more complex and stimulating than traditional puzzles. Thanks to the fine cutting, the saw is almost invisible once the puzzle is completed, making each puzzle an ideal piece of art to frame. Puzzle enthusiasts can also choose to reassemble them later, putting them back in their box for future enjoyment.

Children will develop their observation skills and reasoning abilities. They will discover works by famous painters, geographical maps, and famous monuments through these educational and entertaining puzzles.

A Moment of Pleasure and Quality

Michèle Wilson puzzles aim to create moments of pleasure through a fascinating activity while offering a high-quality artisanal product. Giving a Michèle Wilson puzzle is like giving a piece of art and tradition, a gift that will be remembered for a long time.

So, during your stay at the FABRIC Hotel, don't forget to visit Puzzle Michèle Wilson. You'll find the perfect gift, imbued with the authenticity and charm of French craftsmanship. Make your visit to Paris even more memorable with a Michèle Wilson puzzle, a true artisanal treasure to discover and share.

Just a 1-minute walk from the FABRIC Hotel. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Photo ©Ryoji Iwata