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Nakatani, a discreet choice

Categories : Eating, published on : 2/7/16

Opened last September 9th, the restaurant established by Shinsuke Nakatani has just received its first star in the Michelin Guide. The place reflects the image of the cuisine and discretion of the Japanese chef who decided to go solo after nearly ten years alongside Hélène Darroze. There’s a simple plaque on the facade, an intimate space with 18 dining settings, parquet floors, and whitewashed walls and beams. There’s no theatrical staging or demonstrations of flamboyance, but simply a quality French cuisine produced at the discretion of the markets and seasons by a calm and capable chef, placing value on the table. The food presentation is as poetic as the creativity, proposed around a unique menu for lunch and dinner in 4 or 6 courses. Flavours and textures mingle in harmony, as does everything else in this tranquil and charming establishment. JR.

About 30 minutes from the Hotel Fabric
27 rue Pierre Leroux, Paris 7th

Closed Sunday and Monday
Tel. 01 47 34 9414 or visit

Photo restaurant Nakatani