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Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 9/10/18

How to look like Parisian? The question everybody asks at this moment. French IT-girls start writing their own manuals. Instagram blooms the French patterns from one account to another. Magazines proclaim the “French boom” in the world of fashion. This phenomenon has influenced the biggest Fashion Houses to create their collections à la française. Thankfully, now we don’t have to be dressed in Chanel or Dior to be in vogue! The mass-market has also developed this trend. Check for example the lookbook of & other stories, the brand that blows up the French market. You will see a French Touch there as well. Oh yes, Scandinavians know how to dress a modern woman. Especially, a French one who is so peaky about her appearance. The prove is a new (already 3d in Paris) flag-ship store that has just opened in the Marais. This autumn rendez-vous at 76 rue Vieille du Temple for a new episode of & other stories!

76 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris
15 minutes walk from the Hotel Fabric.

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