Hotel Fabric

Our Singer vintage sewing machine

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 4/18/23

What we love about the Hotel Fabric is its industrial style and unique interior design, which reflects the history of the former textile factory in which it is housed. At the heart of this style is an iconic piece: the vintage Singer sewing machine, which sits proudly in the hotel's lobby.

The Singer sewing machine is a symbol of the industrial revolution and fashion history. The Singer company was founded in 1851 and quickly gained worldwide recognition for its innovative, high-quality sewing machines. The brand's machines were used to produce garments on a large scale, helping to transform the fashion industry forever.

But the Singer sewing machine is not only a historical object, it is also a timeless piece of decoration. Its sleek, industrial design makes it both aesthetically pleasing and functional, fitting perfectly into the ambiance of the Hotel Fabric. The Singer sewing machine is a central piece of the hotel lobby design, where it is highlighted among other elements from the original structure of the textile factory such as steel pipes.

It is a nod to the history of the former textile factory that has been transformed into a hotel, but also to the neighborhood, historically frequented by artisans and designers. 
The vintage Singer sewing machine is just one of the key elements of the Fabric Hotel's interior design, which pays homage to the neighborhood's rich history while offering a timeless aesthetic.

Photo ©Denny Müller - Unsplash