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Pho Dong Huong, a Vietnamese restaurant

Categories : Eating, published on : 11/17/16

Outside is Belleville! But it’s inside this Vietnamese restaurant that the journey begins. And it’s all about flavours. Just sit in this family establishment that has become a Parisian institution since it opened in 1980. Just check out the bun rieu with minced shrimp and crab; the bành cuôn, filled with minced meat, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and spring onions; or the com ga lui, chicken kebabs with tasty lemongrass. Pho, the traditional soup, is imagined in all conceivable variations, but always with coriander and chopped onions. Try these dishes with a coconut juice or a Saigon beer. Just as in Vietnam!


Pho Dong Huong, 14 Rue Louis Bonnet, Paris 11th


Open every day except Tuesday, from midday to 22:30