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Categories : Exhibition, published on : 8/16/21

The Picasso-Rodin exhibition is an exceptional event that will see two monographic museums, the Musée National Picasso and the Musée Rodin, join forces for the first time to offer a cross-reading of the masterpieces of these two leading artists of modern art. The selection aims to examine the main convergences between the work of Rodin and the different artistic periods of Picasso's work. You will have the opportunity to admire the two processes of invention of a new mode of representation, expressionist in Rodin and cubist in Picasso. It is an invitation to admire how two artists, very different from each other, have permanently changed the art of their time.

The rereading is organized in different chapters in the two places. At the Rodin Museum you will find the crisis of representation at the beginning of the 20th century, at the Picasso Museum the creative processes implemented by the two artists. More than 500 works, paintings, sculptures, drawings but also archive documents and photographs will allow you to discover these two geniuses who, in different ways, knew how to innovate profoundly the artistic creation.

On display until the 2nd of January 2022

Photo ©Pablo Picasso Grande Baigneuse au livre, Paris, 18 février 1937, huile sur toile, H. 130 x L. 97,5 cm, Musée national PicassoParis, Photo © RMN-Grand Palais/Mathieu Rabeau © Succession Picasso 2021