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Saturne, for the love of all that’s heavenly

Categories : Eating, published on : 2/7/16

A cuisine without artifice and wines that are completely natural and organic form the winning recipe for Sven Chartier, a chef who trained with Alain Passard at L'Arpege, and Ewen Le Moigne, the master sommelier. Indeed, there’s no doubting how they won their first Michelin star because sitting down to dine at Saturne is indeed like discovering another planet. A planet where all the cuisine ingredients are meticulously sourced, artisanal, organic and prepared with the greatest care and attention to detail. You’ll find no vacuum packed meat or excessive handling here, but rather oodles of rustic innovation combined with sophistication and, of course, those chemical-free wines. And if quality and simplicity are inherent on the plate and in the glass, they are just as apparent in the decor. There’s light wood, metal and old stone, an open kitchen, and a cellar under glass illuminated by the Parisian sky. Here amidst this intimate contemporary decor, the feeling is one of lightness. Contemporary, yet cosy; a star indeed. JR.

Less than 20 minutes from the Hotel Fabric
17 rue Notre Dame des Victoires Paris 2nd

Closed Saturday and Sunday
Tel. 01 42 60 31 90 or visit

Photo restaurant Saturne