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Sophie Calle exhibition at the Picasso Museum

Categories : Exhibition, published on : 11/28/23

We have talked to you several times about the numerous initiatives of the Museums of Paris on the occasion of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of Pablo Picasso. In this article, we focus on the original and touching creations of Sophie Calle.

Contemporary artist Sophie Calle transcends the boundaries of time and artistic expression by merging her creative universe with that of Picasso. Under the evocative title "À toi de faire, ma mignonne", Sophie Calle presents her quirky and varied creations, weaving a curious, unexpected, and intimate dialogue between Picasso's works and hers.

The exhibition spans the four floors of the museum, offering a range of artistic mediums such as photography, drawing, serigraphy, sculpture, and installation. Sophie Calle unleashes her creativity, weaving a personal story inspired by Picasso's masterpieces.

"À toi de faire, ma mignonne" infiltrates all the permanent collections of the museum, gradually creating a narrative thread, a life of its own. This thread is that of Sophie Calle herself, questioning her relationship to the world and art. Through this exhibition, the artist exposes her doubts, her feeling of imposture in the face of major artistic figures like Picasso. During the confinement, she undertook to familiarize herself with Picasso's masterpieces, making them less intimidating and more accessible.

Family, heritage, representation of beauty, unfinished projects... Sophie Calle opens the doors to her intimacy, sharing her thoughts, desires, and fears. By positioning herself as a mirror to Picasso, she takes stock of her life, convictions, and goals. Disappearance and death are recurring themes in Sophie Calle's work, particularly highlighted in this exhibition dedicated to the disappearance of such an important artist. The question the artist poses is about the memory an artist leaves for future generations, inviting the visitor to ponder on this matter.

The exhibition offers a touching and unprecedented perspective on Sophie Calle's artistic life. It provides an immersive experience that transcends eras and artistic genres, offering visitors a profound reflection on life, art, and cultural heritage. "À toi de faire, ma mignonne" promises an emotional immersion into the unique universe of two exceptional artists, connecting the past and present in a captivating artistic dance.

Until January 7th. Open every day except Mondays from 10:30 am to 6 pm.

Photo ©Tobias Rademacher - Unsplash