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Tavline, a gourmet journey through Mediterranean flavours

Categories : Eating, published on : 6/7/17

Behind the blue facade is an ode to the Mediterranean, a festival of colours where spices and Israeli-Moroccan flavours lead the dance.

Tavline, which means ‘spices’ in Hebrew, draws on the energy and creative freshness that keeps the gastronomic culture and restaurants of Tel Aviv vibrant, offering a lively, warm cuisine inspired by family recipes.

On the plate, as chosen in Marrakech, you’ll find a delightful and deliciously appealing mixture of textures and flavours enhanced by the spices of the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East. You simply have to try the real hummus with whole chick peas and cumin, ktsitsot daguin, grilled fish balls with herbs, or the very delicate Malabi, a flan made with with rose water and pistachios. Cooking here comes from the heart!

Everything is shared, and can even be sampled with the fingers, as suggested by the menu. A real plunge into the Mediterranean basin!


Tavline, 25 Rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris 4th

15 minutes from the Hotel Fabric


Open Tuesday to Saturday

Tel. 09 86 55 65 65 and

Photo: Tavline – Paris