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The 2024 edition of the Wine Fair in Paris

Categories : Lifestyle, published on : 2/4/24

For this new 2024 edition, Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 offers over 100 animations, tastings, and conferences to discover the latest trends, share experts' knowledge, and explore a selection of products from around the world. The innovations from renowned wine regions, new players in mixology, and beer professionals will also be highlighted, offering a rich and varied educational experience.

The event places particular importance on innovation and sustainability, actively engaging in an energy sobriety plan. Concrete measures, such as the use of LED lighting and the design of modular and reusable stands, are implemented to reduce the environmental footprint of the event.

The most emblematic brands in the wine and spirits industry have been carefully selected to offer visitors an exceptional experience and promote the development of the sector on a global scale.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 embodies the promise of MORE: more excellence, more innovation, more sustainability. It is a must-attend event for all those who share a passion for quality products.

The event takes place in a particularly rich context for the City of Light, Paris, which is also hosting the Olympic Games in 2024. This gives the event an atmosphere of excitement and openness to the world, reinforcing its importance not only in the wine and spirits industry but also in the cultural and economic landscape of the French capital.

The animations and tastings offered during Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 provide a unique opportunity to explore the diversity and richness of products offered by producers from around the world. Iconic wine regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne will be represented alongside promising newcomers, offering visitors a true immersion into the world of wines and spirits.

Additionally, the conferences and roundtable discussions planned in the program will allow industry professionals to share their knowledge and delve into key topics, such as sustainable viticulture and the impact of new technologies on the production and distribution of wines and spirits.

In conclusion, Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 promises to be a must-attend event for all wine and spirits enthusiasts, whether they are amateurs, industry professionals, or simply curious to discover the latest market trends. With its diverse program and commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, this event promises to be a rewarding experience for all participants.

To reserve your entry now and not miss this unique opportunity, visit the official website of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024.

From February 12th to 14th at the Paris Expo Center, Porte de Versailles.

Photo ©Marcel Gross - Unsplash