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The Carnavalet Museum presents "Parisiennes Citoyennes !"

Categories : Exhibition, published on : 9/20/22

The Carnavalet Museum presents "Parisiennes citoyennes", a fascinating exhibition in memory of the struggles for the emancipation of women.  

A chronological journey that begins with the demand for the "right of city" for women during the Revolution and ends with the law on parity in 2000, through the many stages of female emancipation, the right to education and work, access to artistic and cultural creation.

The exhibition highlights the history of key figures of these dynamics that have revolutionized society, such as Olympe de Gouges or Gisèle Halimi, but also the stories of anonymous Parisian women, suffragettes, feminists or intellectuals, who played an essential role in the revolution.

Paintings, photographs, videos, but also atypical objects such as soaps or a lock of hair of Marguerite Durand, help us to trace the evolution of a collective struggle still present, rich in specificities, passions, and courage.

Exhibition from 28.09.2022 to 29.01.2023. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Photo ©Lionel Allorge - wikicommons