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The exhibition about Marie Antoinette

Categories : Exhibition, published on : 12/14/19

Emblematic protagonist of the French Revolution of which she was the executioner and then the victim, (she was locked up until her execution at the Conciergerie of Paris where this exhibition is held), Marie-Antoinette is both hated and adored.

Her figure is the most recycled female royal image of our century and she continues to be the object of a real cult: dolls, manga’s, movies… even the fashion industry copies the codes of her unique style…

It is sure that Marie Antoinette fascinates.

Rendezvous at la Conciergerie de Paris, from October the 16th to January the 26th 2020 to learn more about this historical colorful character. 
Open all day from 9.AM to 7PM until 8.30 PM
Painting free of rights by Vigée-Lebrun, 1783
24 minutes from Hotel Fabric (Metro 9 and 11)