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"Things", the new exhibit of the Louvre Museum

Categories : Exhibition, published on : 11/1/22

Everyone has heard of “still life” at least once. But do we really know what it represents in the art world? The new exhibition at the Louvre Museum, entitled “Things”, aims to give a new vision of this genre often considered minor.

All artists, since prehistoric times, have felt the power of the inanimate objects that were part of their lives and have tried to bring them to life through their works. Artistic representations of objects give them a charm, a meaning that allows the viewer to imagine, to dream.

Duchamp, Arcimboldo, De Chirico, Miró and many other artists are the protagonists of this exhibition and animate the dialogue between the creation of the present and the past.

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Until 23/01/2023. Open every day except Tuesday from 9 am to 6 pm. Nocturne on Thursday until 9:45 pm. 

Photo ©Hugo Delauney - Unsplash