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"Toucher le feu" exhibition at the Musée Guimet

Categories : Exhibition, published on : 6/7/22

The National Museum of Asian Art invites visitors to discover the art of ceramics. The exhibition "Toucher les feu" (Touching Fire) traces the history and creativity of Japanese women, who were able to express themselves artistically only after the Second World War. 
They learned from the great masters the meticulous techniques of working with this ancestral material and added to this a new look and aesthetic sense. 
The creations come from the collections of the Musée Guimet, from reference works and private collections. The selection will show you different generations of ceramists, with their specificities and their different choices of style. 
Visit the official website of the Musée Guimet for more details on the works on display. 

Until 3 October 2022. Open every day except Tuesday from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Photo ©earl wilcox - Unsplash

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