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Toutankhamon, the expedition at the Galeries Montparnasse

Categories : Exhibition, Lifestyle, published on : 2/22/24

We've already talked to you about the immersive exhibition dedicated to Ancient Egypt at the Atelier des Lumières. Paris surprises us with another experience devoted to Egypt, this time, it's an expedition!

The story begins in 1922, when the British archaeologist specialized in Egypt, Howard Carter, sets out to explore the Valley of the Kings with the aim of finding a mystery that would make him famous.

The Galeries Montparnasse draw inspiration from this story to offer all visitors the experience of Tutankhamun's expedition, to live the same extraordinary adventure.

Once you cross the entrance of the place, you will officially join Howard Carter's team, and you will have to search for the pharaoh's funerary treasure. Many puzzle games will need to be solved to unravel the mystery surrounding the life and tragic fate of Tutankhamen.

The experience is designed for both adults and children, it's both playful and educational and takes place over an area of 3000 m2!

The starting point is Howard Carter's famous tent which will be your guide and provide you with a plan of the tomb and plenty of puzzles to solve throughout your exploration.

To find the Treasure, you will first have to pass through the Antechamber, then explore the Annex, and finally the Burial Chamber. This last one will give you access to the precious sesame that will allow you to access the Treasure and the invaluable objects it contains.

In addition to the playful and educational aspect, this experience offers a true sensory immersion that will transport you into the mysterious and captivating atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. Carefully designed decors, evocative sound effects, and subtle lighting contribute to creating an immersive atmosphere that will plunge you into the time of Tutankhamen.

Moreover, the involvement of visitors, from the eldest to the youngest, in the process of solving puzzles and discovering the funerary treasure adds an interactive dimension allowing participants to truly feel invested in their archaeological quest. This practical approach will stimulate your engagement and interest, while reinforcing your understanding of historical and archaeological concepts.

Furthermore, the Tutankhamun experience offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the treasures and artifacts of Ancient Egypt in an immersive and accessible way. You will be able to rediscover the cultural and historical importance of these artifacts, while fostering a sense of connection with the distant past.

The Tutankhamun experience offered by Galeries Montparnasse in Paris promises a captivating and educational adventure, combining entertainment, learning, and cultural immersion.

It's a unique opportunity for history enthusiasts, families, and curious individuals of all ages to discover Ancient Egypt in a new and memorable way, while exploring the mysteries surrounding the life and death of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun.

To learn more and to purchase your tickets, don't hesitate to visit the official experience website! The Hotel FABRIC reception team is at your disposal for any assistance you may need.

Photo ©Vladislav Glukhotko - Unsplash

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