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Umami Matcha Café, the latest trendy tea room

Categories : Eating, Drinking, published on : 12/31/17

Matcha tea is a potent source of nutrients because you actually consume the leaves in their entirety in the form of a drink. Coming straight from the Land of the Rising Sun, matcha tea is being discovered in all its forms for the first time in Paris, and the hottest place to do so is this trendy tea room. In this space where the purity of the lines is reminiscent of minimalist Japanese design and yet the atmosphere is cosy and inviting, you can savour delicious matcha-based hot and cold beverages, as well as ice-cream and pastries. You can also enjoy a breakfast, lunch or a snack. Working in concert, the chef and the barista offer matcha in creations that have until now been the sole preserve of coffee. In a Shoot version, cappuccino and latte with whole milk, topped with cream, iced or in a variety with white chocolate, this irresistible drink is accompanied by a madeleine from the Maison Lendemaine. For a tasty journey between France and Japan.


Umami Matcha Café

22 Rue Béranger, Paris 3rd


Open Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00


Photo: Umami Matcha Café