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Waste Age exhibition at the Cité des Sciences

Categories : Exhibition, published on : 7/7/24

After the Success of "Urgence Climatique" and "Ville de Demain," the Cité des Sciences Continues its Ecological Commitment with "Waste Age"

After the success of the "Urgence Climatique" and "Ville de Demain" exhibitions, the Cité des Sciences continues its ecological commitment with "Précieux Déchets." This exhibition offers an in-depth reflection on our consumption patterns and the resulting carbon footprint. It guides you on how to reduce your waste, whether in your food, clothing, or daily habits, and introduces you to designers and companies that promote upcycling and recycling.

An Educational and Innovative Exhibition

"Précieux Déchets" dispels the misconception that sustainable materials are necessarily outdated or unattractive. You will discover how visionary designers transform our waste into precious resources, redefining our relationship with everyday objects.

The exhibition is divided into three parts:

  1. Apogee of Waste: This section explores the overconsumption of plastics and other materials, and the planned obsolescence that has intensified waste production. Data visualizations and disposable objects illustrate the magnitude of the problem on a global scale.

  2. Potential of Waste: In this section, you will discover how seemingly worthless waste can become valuable resources. Projects like the Adidas X Parley range and Stella McCartney's clothing line demonstrate how recycling and upcycling can transform disposable materials into valuable objects.

  3. End of Waste: The third and final part invites you to imagine a future without waste through innovations such as soluble polymers, algae and orange pulp-based clothing, and buildings designed for deconstruction. Designers like Samuel Tomatis and Tanguy Mélinand propose solutions to support the circular economy and eliminate waste.

Plan Your Visit

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn how we can transform our waste into precious resources and envision a more sustainable future. The "Précieux Déchets" exhibition at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie is an educational experience not to be missed by the whole family.

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Photo ©Killari Hotaru - Unsplash